21 Practical Facebook Post Ideas All Businesses Should Use

Facebook post ideas

How often does your business post on Facebook?

Some research indicates that posting at least 2x per day, 7 days a week may be ideal for brands with large followings who are trying to pick up steam.

That’s a lot of content. There’s no way getting around it. That’s why so many businesses hire full-time social media marketing teams to keep up.

With a long list of ideas, however, and a strategy in place, it’s more than possible to create a general store of Facebook post ideas on hand for inspiration. These Facebook post ideas can help us to fill out our Pages and create entire editorial calendars. It can even help you generate content for other platforms, too.

In this post, we’ll look at 21 outstanding Facebook post ideas that all businesses can use to fill up their content calendars.

1. User-Generated Content

If there’s one thing to take away from this post, it’s to use more user-generated content. User-generated content (UGC) is widely seen as the most authentic type of content online, and the results it can offer your business are significant. Users trust it more, and they respond to it more; it has major selling power, more so than any other type of content you could ever create. Even the best copywriters don’t hold a candle to UGC (much to our dismay).

User-Generated-Content Facebook post

You can find and use UGC from a number of different sources, including:

  • Adding images to written testimonials and reviews clients leave you
  • Sharing images users share straight from Facebook or Instagram
  • Make an event around crowdsourcing ideas, like Lays’ Do Us a Flavor

When you share UGC, you can tag users who shared the created the original content, and you can always thank them, too.

2. Blog Posts & Articles

Promoting your blog posts and articles on social media is one of the best ways to get clicks. And since you’ve already worked ridiculously hard on those blog posts and articles, it only makes sense to get some extra use out of them as Facebook posts.

The key to getting more clicks and engagement on Facebook posts linking to your blog or articles is to do more than just list the title of the blog and a link. You should make sure the post sounds like it was written by a real person, and not just by a computer or automated posting software.

Facebook post ideas blog post

A few options for the text of the actual Facebook post include:

  • Give a quick summary of the post, explaining why users need to read it.
  • Give a sneak-peek, like “Blog posts is one great idea for Facebook posts; click to see the other 13! (You won’t believe #12!)”
  • Feature a quote from the post or article as the entire description, and make sure to put it in quotations.

3. Images & Information About Your Events

Events are exciting, and posting about them on Facebook can encourage event awareness, registration, and attendance. This tactic can also get you more engagement at the same time.

Different posts you can share about your events include:

  • Links to your Facebook event, and links to registration or pre-registration, also describing the appeal and basic information of your event
  • Images or videos with behind the scenes content of you preparing before the event, like getting the conference rooms ready or setting up a booth
  • Updates, images, and live streaming as it’s happening
  • Pictures and text recaps after the event was over; you can share extra nuggets of info like how many people came, or a quick highlight of the event.facebook event post idea

Facebook posts about your event can not only help promote your current event, but it can help demonstrate its value. If your event is recurring even on an annual basis, this can help it gain traction. Be sure to create a strong Facebook event cover photo to attract more visitors!

4. Relevant Industry News

Sharing relevant industry news is always a good idea. It doesn’t have to be written by you, or be about you, or really even have anything to do with you. In fact, sometimes it’s better if it doesn’t.

Facebook Industry News Post

Instead, the goal is to have a conversation about something that affects you and your followers. By staying on top of industry news and sharing it quickly, you can also establish yourself as a thought leader who’s always in the know. This makes you look great, especially if you can answer any questions your followers have in the comments. TechWyse does a great job with providing their readers with relevant industry information. They’ve created an infographic that outlines 66 Facebook acquisitions.

5. Posts from Your Local Community

Participation in your local community is often an extremely valuable undertaking for many small and medium businesses who rely on community support. Because of this, the more love you show your community, the more love they’ll show you, too.

Facebook Community Post

Examples of how to do this include:

  • Post pictures of your business participating in community events
  • Share information about things happening within your community
  • Build relationships with other local small businesses, and share their content in posts

6. Facebook Live Anything

Live video is everything right now, so it’s no surprise that it has higher view and engagement rates than standard native video.

Facebook Live is exciting, and it has a sense of urgency that users love; they get a notification that a Page they’re following has gone live, and they can watch the broadcast and interact with it in real-time. Then, after the live broadcast is over, you can save the video and share it to your Page’s timeline so that anyone who missed it can catch up later.

Facebook Live Example Post Idea

There are so many great use cases for Facebook Live that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a way to use this post for your business.

7. Stories About Your Business

At the end of the day, people want to know what makes you tick. What makes you, as a small business, better than those large corporations? People want to support you, and using social media to keep people feeling “in the loop” by showing your personal side can have great advantages for your business. And since stories stick with us so much better than random facts, stories can be particularly powerful.

Facebook Storytelling in Timeline

Different brief stories you can tell to shape your business and brand on Facebook include:

  • Announcements and what led your business to that decision/development/exciting change
  • Content featuring new hires or employee stories, giving your brand a personal face
  • Stories that show your business’s social missions; this resonates with users

8. Trending Topics

When used correctly, creating a Facebook post centered around a trending topic is a great way to jump into a conversation and get a lot of engagement on your post. Trending topics can include big news in your industry, in your local community, or from the entire continent.

Facebook trending topics

As sick as we all were of the U.S. election last year, for example, some businesses were able to jump in with great content surrounding it without taking sides. I saw a local restaurant post a status saying along the lines of “We all deserve a drink after the last few months, regardless of party lines. Happy hour prices all night!”

9. Behind the Scenes Content

Behind the scenes content is extremely popular on social media. It gives users that exclusive inside look that feels more authentic and transparent. Since social media thrives on authenticity and transparency (or at least the illusion of it), this is an outstanding tactic to use.

Behind The Scenes Facebook Post Idea

Great ideas of behind the scenes content include:

  • Videos or images showing how your product is made
  • A tour of your new office, or employee only areas
  • Content featuring office events, like company parties or employee training.

Want an extra boost of authenticity? Combine behind-the-scenes content with Facebook Live. Just make sure you practice first!

10. “What Do You Think?”

Most people will give their opinions even if you don’t want it, so actually asking for your followers’ opinions is a great way to get some big engagement on your posts. You can ask questions like “We’re thinking about next month’s blog post topics: what questions would you like to have answered?”

Facebook Questions to Followers

Other examples– which can be adapted for your industry–  include:

  • Which product in our spring line are you most excited about?
  • What do you like to do on your day off?
  • Turkey or Ham: What’s your Thanksgiving Tradition?

11. Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes are readily available in mass quantities and help give your business’s Page an uplifting appeal.

Using great quotes or soundbites from industry experts and influencers gives you relevant content that your audience will love and experts may appreciate. When in doubt, though, you can always Google something like “business quotes” or “literary quotes” to find content that’s best for you.

Facebook quotes post ideas

Post it with a graphic you’ve made on Snappa or a free stock photo for best results.

12. Social Contests & Giveaways

Everybody loves free stuff, and social media contests are a great way to generate more leads and get a ton of engagement on your posts. While I always, always recommend using contest software like Wishpond, Gleam, or Woobox so that you can actually generate leads, you’ll need to promote the contests directly on social media.

Facebook Social Giveaways Post Idea

In addition to the great results, you can also get a ton of Facebook posts out of one contest as an added bonus. Posts should include:

  • Announcements of the contest, including reminders for users to stay tuned for more information and to participate
  • An announcement the day the contest begins, including prize information
  • Frequent reminders for the duration of the contest with urgent copy like “Enter now!” and “Only 3 days left”
  • An announcement that the contest is over, announcing the winners and thanking everyone for participating

13. Create Polls

Polls in groups (which we’ll discuss more in a minute) are a fantastic way to get a lot of engagement, and you also have the opportunity to conduct valuable market research without paying a penny while showing your customers that you care about their opinion. And as we mentioned above, everyone likes giving their opinion.

Facebook Polls Idea

Just click “Ask a question,” type your question, and add options users can choose from. Thank everyone in the comments section once the polls is over, and engage with as many individual comments there as possible.

14. Seasonal/Timely Content

You can’t go wrong with seasonal and timely content, as long as it isn’t controversial. Sharing information about special holiday promotions or discounts is obviously a great idea, but “Happy First Day of Spring!” can also be a great post on its own.

seasonal facebook post ideas

Bonus points if you can work a quick product shout out in it, like “Happy First Day of Spring! Don’t forget to get a new pair of our rain boots before the spring showers start coming in!”

15. Influencer Marketing

Working with influencers and brand ambassadors is an excellent way to boost your brand visibility and attract new followers to your online presence. Working with influencers who have their own engaged audiences gets your brand in front of their followers, exponentially increasing your brand reach.

Facebook influencer marketing post

Sponsoring a series of posts or a brand takeover featuring your chosen influencer can be effective in the short-term. Some brands choose to form long-term partnerships with influencers that go beyond just a few sponsored posts. Long-term partnerships often involve regular content contributions from the influencer, such as blog posts, live broadcasts, or vlogs.

16. Employee-Generated Content (EGC)

Employee-generated content (EGC) is a great way to generate more content for your brand without putting extra time into your in-house content marketing strategy. EGC leverages content your employees create, showcasing company culture, projects you’ve been working on, and generally highlights your internal talent in their own words or works.

Sharing EGC gives your followers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your business. People who may be interested in working for your company (or working with you as a client) will be interested to get a glimpse into the inner workings of your brand. EGC can actually help potential employees get a feel for what it’s like to work for your company.

Employee Generated Facebook Content

In addition, EGC gives your followers a chance to see how well your brand really aligns with their core values. They get a look at your team and the content they create, rather than just the curated content your brand publishes. This multifaceted view of your brand will give them a more accurate picture of who you are, what you stand for, and who you’re talking to.

17. Great Resources Sourced from Other Pages

Consider sharing resources from complementary and ancillary businesses in the same industry as yours. You can share links to content your audience will love, such as eBooks, webinars, courses, products, services, and more.

Facebook Cross Promotion

As a brand with influence and a following, your audience looks to you for helpful information and resources they can use in their daily lives. By endorsing and promoting products that could help make their lives or businesses better, you’ll continue growing the trust they’ve placed in you.

If you choose to share resources with your followers, vet them beforehand to make sure they’re on brand and up to the same quality standards as your own content. Your audience expects a specific degree of quality from you, so whatever you share should be just as good as, if not better than, the content you produce for your audience.

18. Native Videos

Uploading native video content to Facebook is the recommended method for sharing video with your audience. Videos loaded on-platform get increased views and organic reach, giving you more results than sharing videos through links to third-party sites like YouTube.

Facebook Native Videos

Video is also dynamic and high-engaging. You should diversify your content with recorded video as well as lives, and content like tutorials and educational content do particularly well.

19. Client Testimonials

Sharing reviews and testimonials from happy clients and customers helps you not only create positive content, but is also valuable social proof for your brand. You can share text, video, and photo testimonials. Alternatively, some businesses create attractive quote graphics they use to share their customers’ positive experiences.

If you’re not already leveraging testimonials for your Facebook content, you’re missing out on an excellent opportunity. Testimonials are ready-made pieces of content that boost your audience’s trust in your brand. They also help brands to attract new customers and followers who are interested in getting similar results.

20. Educational Content

Educational content includes tutorials and information (video, text, or images) that help your audience learn more about your topics of expertise. Brands may also choose to create educational content that teaches followers about timely subjects that are currently trending.

Facebook Educational Content

Offering educational content that is in line with your brand and its core values will help you continue building trust with your audience. Pay attention to the posts your audience is most engaged with, then provide them with expanded information that relates and provides them with helpful, actionable tips they can put into action right away to make their live better.

21. Posts Promoting Branded Partnerships

Branded partnership posts are posts that promote brands or organizations you’ve partnered with. Sometimes, partnerships represent long-term campaigns, while others are centered around a temporary or short-term cause. This could be a cultural celebration, holiday, promotional sale, social issue, charity event, or local happening that you want to draw attention to.

You might partner with a brand to cross-promote one another’s products or services. Some brands partner in order to boost one another’s brand awareness during a particular season or around a holiday. Essentially, you’re boosting each other’s brand to your respective audiences, which gets both of your brands in front of more people.

Why You Should Post In Groups & Pages

If you don’t already have a Facebook Group, consider setting one up. Pages are curated, branded environments where you can communicate directly with your audience. While Pages are a powerful tool for your business, Groups take engagement to the next level.

An active Facebook Group will get you better organic reach and better engagement than a Page will. You can create more specialized, engagement-focused posts and content for Groups. In addition, you can create incentives to get your audience involved in your Group.

Facebook Groups are a great place to get specialized audience feedback for features and services they might like to see in the future. You can host contests and giveaways in your Group, too, which will be an attractive draw for new members to get involved.

Facebook Pages’ organic reach regularly takes a hit when the algorithm changes, and let’s be honest, it hasn’t been ideal for a little while. It’s not possible to predict what’s going to happen with your Page and how its reach will be affected when the platform makes a change. Actively engaging in a Group will keep your interactions more visible to your members.

In addition to nurturing more direct leads through your group and saving money on ad spend, Facebook Groups are a more direct and personal connection to your followers. Rather than competing with thousands of other Pages similar to yours, you’re building real connections with your followers. In addition, if you have a closed or secret Group, then the content feels more exclusive.

Extra Tips to Never Run Out of Content Ideas

Want to make sure you never run out of Facebook ideas? Even with the 14 sources of inspiration for your Facebook post ideas, it can still be difficult to generate the massive amounts of original content needed to keep your Page going.

There are a few more secrets that social media marketers use to guarantee they’ll always have more ideas for their next Facebook post, including:

  • Always have a queue on hand. I can’t possibly overstate how important this is. Take some extra time to create a store of extra Facebook content that you can keep ready to go whenever you’re at a loss. Save evergreen posts for use at any time. When you get slammed with everything else that running a business requires, these posts will be ready. You can even save them as drafts on Facebook, or (even better) scheduling software like Buffer, Agorapulse or Hootsuite.
  • Create social media editorial calendars. Editorial calendars allow you to plan out an entire month’s posts. This makes it easier to space out similar content like contest promotions without neglecting anything. The above scheduling tools can help you create these calendars.
  • Reuse great content. Yep, this is kind of cheating, but everyone does it. Thanks to organic reach, most of your followers won’t see your posts the first time around. You can change up some of your best posts in the past, tweaking the wording, and resharing it at a different time of day. You could, for example, use a different quote from a blog post that performed well before.

Final Thoughts

Coming up with Facebook post ideas again and again can be shockingly difficult, so having a few general go-to ideas on hand can make the process a lot easier. These 21 ideas can reliably help you generate plenty of content to keep your editorial calendar full and your Page engagement up.

What do you think? How do you come up with Facebook post ideas? What sources of inspiration do you use? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

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