9 Incredible Image Quote Templates to Keep On Hand 

9 image quotes

Sharing images with quotes on social media is a simple way to beef up your content calendar with easy-to-create and high-engaging content that can help reinforce your brand. You can share quotes that align with your brand’s mission that you know your audience will love on every platform that allows for visual content.

Adding image quotes to your social media rotation, therefore, is a popular choice, especially when it’s never been easier to create them. With design tools like Snappa, you can quickly find an image quote template that you love for the social profile of your choice, add a quote, tweak the background image or colors (or anything else that you want), and download.

Having trouble visualizing how this might work for your business? Let’s take a look at 9 outstanding image quote templates that you can adapt for your business (and that you might just want to keep on hand!).

1. The Split-View Approach

This template is one of our most popular image quote options, partially due to its simplicity. You’ve got a split, with the image of your choice taking up the left side of the template and a solid color with a block of text taking up the right.

split view quote example

Having the image of your choice appear next to the quote makes the image highly visual, allowing the user to feel like they’re seeing into the story the quote is telling while still keeping the quote itself as the primary focus. This is aided by using a bright, bold solid color and contrasting text.

This template works exceptionally well with a more text-heavy design. With a longer quote like this one, you’ll want to break it into a few separate chunks so it’s readable.

2. The Classic Black & White Template

This is simple and direct, and the rounded edges help it have that classic-console vibe that we might associate with tech brands.

black and white quote example

It’s got a solid black background and only white text and design elements, with an emoji tossed on to give it a more modern feel that captures the feeling of the quote itself.

Have a bold take you want to feature from your own business or in a quote form? This is a great image quote template to use. It allows you to deliver a direct and simple opinion, and the focus is exclusively on the content: There’s absolutely nowhere to hide.

If this matches your brand’s aesthetic, take it and run!

3. The Emphasized Checklist

There are some quotes that will list several things that users need to consider.

A great example is this famous quote from Tom Bodett: “They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.”

This template is a great fit for quotes like these or any quotes your business wants to create that focus on listing multiple points of emphasis.


You’ve got a basic gradient background that allows the more complex design to stand out. Even though the intro “Today, don’t forget to” is in large text and in bold, it will be the listed-out items that users remember because the overlapping circle elements focus the eyes and keep user attention.

This is a simple visual that is also easily memorable, making it a great option for list-focused image quotes.

4. The Modern & Cerebral Approach

If you want a simple-but-modern template for your image quotes, this is one that you’ll want to see. The template here uses dark and light blues with curved design elements to create a clean and modern design that works exceptionally well with cerebral quotes.

simple modern quote example

The open-ended ovals are key to this design, popping against a complimentary solid background that helps the text pop. This image quote template is easy to customize, and a few shifts in color can make it appear more relaxed, playful, or even feminine. No matter how you choose to customize the image, however, the bold text will definitely offer that modern appeal.

5. The Motivational Image

There are some images that—largely thanks to pop culture— we associate with growth, hard work, or other motivational journeys. You might see a boxing bag next to a quote about how you have to fight hard for what you want, for example.

If you want to share a motivational quote centered around character- or career-building growth, this is a good template to consider. It features a simple, dark image of a staircase in the background that the text fits neatly into. Because the image is shot from the bottom of the staircase, you see the hopeful perspective of looking up and out of the shot.

motivational quote example

This is a great image and template to consider for B2B brands or B2C businesses with darker brand colors and social profiles, though you can always swap the background image with any of the images in the millions of free stock photos we have on file.

6. The Soothing & Natural Approach

Nature-themed designs are on-trend right now, as are minimalist designs. This template encompasses both trends to give you one effective image quote.

nature image quote example

This image feels gentle and soothing, with a simple tree branch design, an off-white background, soft green text, and all lowercase copy. There’s no punctuation, and the only formatting is the italicization of the speaker’s name.

This type of imagery offers a softer approach, compared to some of the more bold image quote options we’ve looked at so far. This would be a great option for eco-friendly, positive, or “natural brands.”

7. The Colorful Asymmetry

Big, asymmetric blocks of contrasting colors in a quote-centered image can automatically draw a user’s eye right to you, which is a huge accomplishment in a busy social media feed. This image quote template is a great example of this.

contrasting color image example

Here we’ve got a few bold colors with the teal blue, a shadow that looks like a black triangle, and the large pink block. These are vibrant, yet soothing colors. You’ll notice that the text is centered but the image itself is not, which ultimately creates a balanced and interesting composition.

This is an adaptable quote template that could work with almost any type of content that you want to share, and remember that it’s exceptionally easy to create similar backgrounds with our drag-and-drop design tools.

8. The Soft Floral Look

Want a soft, floral, or feminine look? Choosing rounded design elements, delicate or italicized fonts, pastel colors, and light-colored floral backgrounds are the way to go. This template has all of that in spades.

floral image example

Brands with predominantly feminine audiences and a complimentary design sense should consider testing image quotes with similar backgrounds. This template is particularly easy to customize as you see fit, making it heavily adaptable.

9. The Clean & Light Look

When you use light background images, you can help lift the entire mood of the image itself. Pair it with a positive quote, and choose an image that aligns with the quote (like an open door representing a “new beginning”) and you’ll have a high-engaging social media post on your hands.

clean and light image example

With Snappa’s store of images, there are plenty of options to choose from, just make sure you’re choosing something light and airy and editing your image’s contrast if needed so that the text stands out.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. We’ve looked at nine great quote templates and image designs that you can use to create high-engaging posts on social media.

Remember that all of these templates are completely customizable. If you don’t like the idea of having an emoji in the second template, you can change it or get rid of it altogether. You can change the images, the colors, drag around the text, change the font, and more. The opportunity is always there to make it completely yours.

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