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Resize images for Facebook

Upload an image, choose a template, or design an image from scratch. Then click “resize” to scale photos, graphics, and text for Facebook posts, links, cover photos, event covers, group covers, link ads, and carousel ads.

Resize image for Facebook

Resize images for Instagram

Got an image that would look great on your ‘gram, but would rather not dip into Photoshop to manually resize the image?

One click and you can repurpose any photo or graphic for Instagram posts and stories.

Resize image for Instagram

Resize images for Twitter

An ostrich can run 60 mph, a Peregrine falcon hits 200 mph when diving — your Twitter feed moves even faster.

Slow the scroll with stunning Twitter posts by scaling any image up or down with one click. And creating a Twitter header by repurposing your cover photo or header image from another

Resize image for Twitter

Resize images for LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t the stodgy place it used to be. People are flocking to the platform, activity is up, and posts with faces, graphs, and diagrams stand out from the noise.

Take images from Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or anywhere else and resize them for LinkedIn posts in a snap.

Resize image for LinkedIn

Resize images for YouTube

Quick, what’s the most popular search engine after Google? Answer: YouTube. No wonder millions of people and businesses compete for attention with eye-catching YouTube thumbnails, channel art, and end screens that beg you to click.

With Snappa’s image resizer, you can turn any image into on-brand professional-looking images for YouTube in seconds.

Resize image for YouTube

Resize images for Pinterest

Pinterest is a bit of an oddball, right? Screens, websites, and social media platforms are horizontally oriented — wider than they are tall. Pinterest is vertically oriented, making it difficult to resize your images for Pinterest.

You guessed it — take any horizontally oriented image or graphic and instantly resize it for Pinterest.

Resize image for Pintrest

Resize images for display ads

There are tall ads, short ads, wide ads, narrow ads, ads that push the screen down, and ads that scroll through a bunch of images. Ads come in a lot of different shapes and sizes.

So we’ve created presets for the most popular ad types and sizes, making it dead simple to resize an image for all of ‘em.

Resize image for Display Ads

Resize to custom image dimensions

Snappa is loaded with preset image dimensions for social media, Twitch, Soundcloud Zoom and more — but sometimes you need something a little different.

Just type in the width and height you want and click “resize” — it’s as easy as that.

Resize image for custom dimensions
Sujan Patel Quote

Snappa is the best tool I've used to create images for blog posts & Facebook ads. In 5 minutes I can do what used to take me hours to do or pay designers to do.

Sujan Patel,
Co-founder of Webprofits

Image resizer FAQ


Can I resize an image for free?

You can resize and download up to three images on the free Starter plan each month, and unlimited images on the Pro ($10/month) or Team ($20/month) plans. If you resize more than a handful of images per month, this one feature will more than pay for itself.

Do you have stock photos, graphics, and templates that I can use?

Do we ever! You get access to 5,000,000+ high-res free use photos and graphics and 6,000+ professionally designed customizable templates. Of course, you can resize these to fit any website, platform, or digital asset.

Can I share images I resize for social media in Snappa?

You bet! Our integrations with Buffer and other social media platforms mean you can share your image instantly without ever leaving the Snappa dashboard.

What happens if a platform changes its ideal image dimensions?

If the ideal dimensions change on a platform, we change the preset — it’s as simple as that.

Resize your image in just one click

Snappa is SO MUCH more than a free image resizer

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