Remove backgrounds from images in one click

Because you shouldn’t have to mess with layers in Photoshop or pay a freelancer to remove backgrounds from photos.

*Available on Pro and Team plans

Add Text to Photos

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Remove backgrounds from headshots

Get more out of every headshot and selfie by removing the background from your photo and substituting the background of your choice.

Now you can have headshots with a background that matches your brand and selfies in places you WISH you had visited.

Remove background from headshot

Use selfies with transparent backgrounds on social media

Influencers have a small army of people removing the backgrounds from their selfies, dropping them on to attention-grabbing on-brand backgrounds, and sharing them to social.

With Snappa you can upload your best selfie, click a button to remove the background, then change the background, and add text and graphics.

Influencer aesthetic without the influencer payroll.

Use selfies with transparent background

Create transparent backgrounds for product photography

Nothing screams “I’m running my eCommerce store out of my mom’s basement” like a botched Photoshop attempt.

With Snappa, you can capture product images, click a button, and remove the background perfectly. Then drop your image on to a clean white background or a color that complements your product and brand.

Remove background from product photography

Remove the background from logos

Ever try taking a screenshot of a logo or downloading it from a site? If so, you know it doesn't work. You end up with the logo AND the background it was on.

With Snappa, you can screenshot or download a logo, upload it to Snappa, remove the background in one click, and then save as a web optimized image with a transparent background. Magic.

Remove background from logos

Remove the background for web graphics

Got a graphic you would use on your website or blog if it weren’t for the annoying background?

You know where this is going — click a button, the background vanishes, and it’s ready to be used however you see fit.

Remove background from web graphics
Sujan Patel Quote

Snappa is the best tool I've used to create images for blog posts & Facebook ads. In 5 minutes I can do what used to take me hours to do or pay designers to do.

Sujan Patel,
Co-founder of Webprofits

Background remover FAQ


How do I remove the background from an image or photo?

Well, if you’re using Photoshop, you’ll search for a tutorial, choose your selector tool, and then attempt to perfectly trace the outline of the thing you want to keep.

With Snappa, you will click the “Remove Background” button, wait a second, and then pick your jaw up off the floor after seeing your background vanish like magic.

How much does it cost to remove background images?

The Pro ($10/month) or Team ($20/month) plans include UNLIMITED background removal, editing, and downloads, and gives you access to every single feature that Snappa offers. If you have ever paid anyone or wasted time doing this yourself, you’ll make your money back on this one feature alone.

Do you have stock photos, graphics, and templates that I can use?

Do we ever! You get access to 4,000,000+ high-res free use photos and graphics and 6,000+ professionally designed customizable templates. Of course, you can remove the backgrounds from our images and edit them to make them your own.

Can I share images I remove the background from on social media?

Yes, you can share your image to social media directly or through Buffer without ever leaving Snappa.

Remove your background in just one click

*Available on Pro and Team plans.

Snappa is SO MUCH more than an online background remover

Add text to photos

Add Text to Photos

Add text and play with fonts like you would in a word processor.

Image Cropper

Image Cropper

Quick and easy square, circle, and rectangle image crops.

Speech Bubbles

Speech Bubbles

Create quote posts that make your audience reflect, laugh, and share.

Image Rotator

Image Rotator

Rotate images, graphics, shapes, and text.

Image Flipper

Image Flipper

Instantly flip any image vertically or horizontally.

Image Resizer

Image Resizer

Repurpose any image for just about any platform in seconds.

Image Blur

Image Blur

Blur your image using a simple slider.



There are templates, high-res photos, icons, vectors, and so much more —
try it for free.

Ready to remove your background?

*Available on Pro and Team plans.