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Our Culture

We started Snappa back in 2015 to give ourselves flexibility in our lives and enable us to work on things we actually enjoyed. As we added our first few hires, we wanted to create an amazing work environment and maintain our culture of flexibility, autonomy and fun - things that we never had in our previous jobs.

Fast forward to today and we're more committed than ever to maintaining this culture. We want to work with talented individuals that are fun to be around and help us create ongoing value for our customers.

As a member of our team, you'll have full autonomy to do your best work and the ability to make a serious impact at the company. We'll give you all the tools and resources you need to succeed - the rest is up to you. If you do succeed, you'll have plenty of fun doing it.

Our Core Values

We have 5 core values that help us shape the way we work.

Scrappiness: As a bootstrapped company, scrappiness is in our DNA. We consistently produce exceptional results with limited resources. In fact, we consider being bootstrapped a strength. It forces us to be creative and to only invest in projects with a positive ROI.

Simplicity: We don't overcomplicate things. Our customers love Snappa because it's incredibly easy to use. We bake simplicity into our product, our marketing and the way we run our company.

Autonomy: There's no micromanaging here. We hire the best people we can and trust them to do their job exceptionally well. If you need our help, we're always here for you. Otherwise, we'll get out of your way and let you do what you do best.

Flexibility: As priorities change and unforeseen challenges arise, we think on our feet and adapt quickly to the constantly changing world of software. We also maintain flexibility when it comes to our work environment and are happy to support remote working.

Fun: Although everyone at Snappa works really hard, we still have fun in the process. Whether it's joking around on Slack or having a blast on our company retreats, we want everyone to feel like they can let loose and have a good time.

Perks & Work Life

Time Off: Enjoy 4 weeks vacation to relax and recharge.

Benefits: Flexible health, dental and LTD coverage.

Retreats: Join us on our annual company retreat outside of Canada. Last year we had a blast in Nashville, Tennessee.

Remote work: Although we have a great office space, we still work from home more often than not. We're flexible!

Our Office

We're located at the beautiful Bayview Yards building at 7 Bayview Rd, Ottawa, ON.

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