Snappa vs Canva

Snappa is the fast and easy-to-use, Canva alternative.

Customers call Canva “clunky”

When we asked Snappa signups why they’ve switched from Canva, the word “clunky” came up too often to ignore.

Clunky Interface

“I signed up for Snappa because I'm looking for alternatives to Canva, which I do like, but the interface is a bit too bloated and clunky.”

Noel - Blogger

Clunky User Experience

“I'm on Canva… it's been too clunky. Cool to play around with. But still requires too much time and learning.”

Drew - Owner

Clunky Performance

“I use Canva currently and it is a bit clunky and slow so I am always looking for a new image generator for our social media posts.”

Liz - Director

Clunky Pricing

“...the piece meal cost model is clunky.”

Andy F. - Founder


I signed up because it seems to have the things I love about Canva, but much easier to use with everything included instead of paying extra for certain images.

Sherri A.,
Social media manager

Snappa is snappy, not clunky

A simple, clean, easy interface

You’re an entrepreneur, marketer, or blogger -- not a professional designer. You don’t have time to search through a bunch of tools you don’t use or memorize keyboard shortcuts.

Snappa strips away all of the complexity. Everything you need is in plain sight (no menus within menus), and you can create professional-looking graphics, fast (no keyboard shortcuts required).

Easy-to-edit templates and graphics

Ever feel like ripping your hair out while trying to get your graphic just right? Perhaps you’ve even endured long tutorial videos and how-to articles to get unstuck.

With Snappa, advanced edits are only a point and click or drag and drop away. Of course, there’s all kinds of help if you need it (you probably won’t, though).

All photos and graphics are free

If you’re tired of Canva’s piece meal pricing (and the surprise bill that comes with it), or searching multiple free stock photo sites, you’ll love Snappa.

Included in the software is a growing collection of 5,000,000+ HD royalty free images.

Snappa moves as fast as you do

Cursors that freeze in place. Loading screens that stay that way. Graphics that are slow to render. A quick search for “is Canva slow?” suggests you’re not alone.

Snappa makes it easy to pump out stunning graphics by only including the features and assets you need to shine online. We’ve kept Snappa lightweight and fast (without limiting your creativity).


I find it much more intuitive than Canva! I tried Snappa and did my first graphic so quickly. On the other hand, I’ve tried canva and still have not managed to do one graphic in a short amount of time.

Digital marketing

Snappa is fast, easy to use, and everything's included

Designed for speed

Spend less time making graphics and more time growing your business, building relationships on social media, and creating content.

No learning curve

Use Snappa like a pro without watching long video tutorials, reading how-to posts, or being a graphic designer.

Everything included

All photos and graphics included in Snappa are 100% royalty-free and licensed for commercial use. No extra fees.

Ready to ditch Canva?