12 Summer Pinterest Templates to Inspire Your Next Board

summer pinterest templates

Summer is here! For many brands, that means updating visual graphics with a little seasonal flair. If you want to add a taste of summertime to your Pin boards, consider incorporating some great-looking summer Pinterest templates into your social media strategy over the next few months.

First, take a look at Pinterest’s most recent trend predictions to help inform your design decisions. Once you’ve got your creative strategy in hand, it’s time to find on-brand templates to support your best content.

Where to Find the Best Summer Pinterest Templates

If you’re wondering where to find the best summer Pinterest templates for your Boards this year, you won’t have to look far. Snappa has your back! In our extensive graphics library, you’ll find a wealth of pre-made templates you can tweak to suit your graphic design needs.

Once you login to your Snappa account (it’s free to get started!), click Pinterest Pin under Social Media Posts. From there, you’ll navigate to our library of Pin templates. It’s super easy to get started.

snappa pinterest pin templates

Each of our Pin templates reflects Pinterest’s recommended 2:3 aspect ratio and size of 1000 x 1500 pixels. However, Pinterest allows for a broader range of image sizes. (You can build custom graphics with Snappa, too.)

12 Templates to Inspire Your Summer Pinterest Board

When it comes to choosing summer Pinterest templates to post this year, there are many options to choose from. We’ve gathered 12 of our favorites below to give you plenty of inspiration as we head into the warmest months of the year. Let’s jump right into it.

1. Warm Colors and Sunlight

Take advantage of the summer weather in your Pinterest Pins by using images and graphic design elements with plenty of sunlight and warmth. This skincare Pin is an excellent example, although you don’t have to create cosmetic content to take full advantage of this design trend. If you opt for images of people, you’ll want to depict a range of subjects from all backgrounds and ethnicities.

snappa pinterest pin warm color example

2. Seasonal Foods

Sometimes, featuring seasonal food photography on your Pinterest Pins is a great idea–especially if you run a food-centric business, such as a restaurant, grocery, or nutrition shop. Stick with elegantly-plated foods that accurately reflect what you offer, and which look great on any size screen.

snappa pinterest pin seasonal foods example

3. Fun, Simple Designs With Summer Graphic Elements

Sometimes, simple backgrounds work best. If that’s true for your visual branding, then you’ll love this no-fuss Pinterest template for your board! It features a no-nonsense font and a cute set of icons that really jump off the page. Adjust these colors to match your brand and you’ll be in business!

snappa pinterest pin summer design example

4. Neutral Colors With Natural Light

Graphic elements featuring neutral colors often pair well with naturally-lit photographs. The sun illuminates spaces, objects, and people in such a complementary way. Using neutral design colors gives those photos a chance to stand on their own. And, since Pinterest is such a visually-driven social media platform, this is the perfect chance to incorporate some naturally-lit photography into your pins.

snappa pinterest pin minimal neutrals

5. Refreshing Foods and Beverages With Monochromatic Colors

Try pairing an image of a refreshing food or drink, such as iced coffee, a smoothie, ice cream, or a popsicle, with a corresponding color palette. This template is a fantastic example. Not only does it display a chilled cold brew front-and-center; the design elements reflect and support the colors that already exist in the photograph.

snappa monochromatic colors example

6. Summer Fruits With Post Text

Using strawberries, citrus, berries, or other summer fruit in your designs can lend a refreshing look and feel to your marketing, especially your Pinterest boards. We love the way summertime fruits can really pop, both in photographs and in graphic design. This is just one of many food-oriented templates you can choose from in Snappa’s library, so let your imagination run wild! Make sure there’s plenty of space for any text or memorable quote you might like to share.

snappa pinterest pin fruit example

7. Colorful Gradient Backgrounds With Simple Text

Rainbow gradient backgrounds come in all color combinations, and they look fantastic paired with simple text that stands out. Use clean graphic design elements to add extra descriptors to your Pin. Finally, don’t be afraid to let your designs breathe. There’s no need to crowd your Pins with too many images or too much text.

snappa pinterest pin gradient example

8. Summery Photography With Brightly Colored Design Elements

Evoking great memories of childhood summers is a wonderful way to connect with your audience. And, nothing says summer like a great snapshot of the afternoon sky or a field of colorful flowers. Consider pairing a pretty picture from your collection with some bright lettering for a warm, fun look that’s both easy to read and reminiscent of the hot weather.

snappa pinterest pin clouds example

9. Complementary Colors With Fun Fonts

Setting the right summertime mood for your visual branding is all about choosing the right colors. Whether you’re creating special graphics for short-term offers or launching a new product from the ground up, keep in mind that your audience needs to be able to read the text you select. That’s true for the colors you choose, as well as the images that go with them.

snappa pinterest pin friendly example

10. Product Image with Background Cutout

We love the combination of monochromatic graphic design elements alongside photography, like the Pinterest template below. The simplicity of the lavender background and purple design elements helps the cookies stand out in an eye-catching way. This design style would be fantastic for foods, beverages, and physical products that photograph well.

snappa pinterest pin background cutout example

11. 80’s Design Elements

Nostalgia for the 1980s and 1990s is in full swing, so it just makes sense to include a 90s-style Pinterest template in the mix. If you’re incorporating love for your favorite era into your marketing this summer, this template has what you need to get started. Tweak as needed to get the effect you want. Elder millennials and Gen-Xers will especially love including this look on their Pinterest boards.

snappa pinterest pin 80's style

12. Deep Colors and Vintage Style

A Pinterest template with deep colors and vintage style–both in the fonts and the photography–has a distinct “Summer of Love” look. If your visual brand is a little bit retro-inspired, this type of Pin is a fantastic way to go. Pair a dark, earthy background color with light, summery font colors to really help your words stand out.

snappa pinterest pin vintage example

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve got some great inspiration for your Pin board this summer, it’s time to choose your favorite summer Pinterest templates and start creating. Tools like Snappa make it quick and easy to select a template and start customizing to fit your brand’s needs.

Want to give Snappa a try? You don’t need graphic design expertise to get started. Sign up for free here to create your own summertime Pins today.